Letters from the kitchen crew

The future belongs to the builders, and good teams are much better than the sum of their parts. We’re a growing team of experienced software entrepreneurs who can’t get enough. We’re not VCs or stock brokers — we spend our days building products and our nights writing about them. So if your inbox could use a dash of craft, a pinch of insight from a place closer to the ground floor, pull up a seat.

Creators rule

We’ve spent our careers building products to help entrepreneurs advance their work. From chefs to scientists, we know how true Charlie Munger’s quote “show me the incentives, I’ll show you the outcome” really is. That’s why this newsletter focuses on the products being built to help creators shape the modern world. We also reserve the right to focus on anything particularly awesome in the product world, period.

Join the team

The best kitchens are also the most dynamic teams, and we’re always looking to expand our palate. We’ve got a lot going on under the hood and we’re looking for more writers and builders to join the crew. We’re open to syndicating content, and to permanent partnerships. Just reach out.